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Leadlight Starter Kit - 100W Soldering Iron Included

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LEAD LIGHT STARTER KIT Everything you need to get started in leadlight work Acrylic Oil Cutter PG-CUTN For cutting glass Breaking pliers PRP3 For gripping the glass when breaking after a score 100 Watt Solder Iron SI-100 For melting solder when joining lead Cutting Oil 200ml CO200 To lubricate the cutter All Nova tool MS2 Tool used for opening up the lead to accept the glass Safety Glasses 3053000 Lead 1/4” Round l 2 x HE1/4R/C 2 x H section cames for the internal design of your work Lead 1/2” Flat 1 x HE1/2F/C 1 x H section came for the external frame of your piece Tallow (flux for lead) TC-E Applied to lead before soldering to enable adhesion Solder (3 sticks) 3 x SOC/S 40% tin / 60% lead (designed for leadlight work) Leadlight Cement (2kg) LLC02 To weatherproof and strengthen the completed panel Whiting (0.5kg) WH500 To help dry the cement and assist in cleaning Horseshoe Nails (100g) HSN100 To hold the panel in place as it is being made Pro Lead Knife KN04 The cut the lead Scrubbing Brush Sb1 Used to clean the panel after cementing Lead vice LV01 To hold the lead while it is stretched Hobby cullet (3kg) A selection of different coloured offcuts of glass
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Leadlight Starter Kit - 100W Soldering Iron Included

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