Great news! From Monday 12th April, we're excited to be reopening the doors to our Stained Glass shop! We will be open 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-3pm Friday.

Sample Sets

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  1. Sample Set-Victorian Patterned
    Sample Set-Victorian Patterned

    Product Code: SS09

    £13.08 £10.90
  2. Sample Set-Lamberts (Pearsons)
    Sample Set-Lamberts (Pearsons)

    Product Code: SS62

    £144.00 £120.00
  3. Sample Set-Tatra
    Sample Set-Tatra

    Product Code: SS08

    £61.00 £50.83
  4. Sample Set-Kokomo
    Sample Set-Kokomo

    Product Code: SS60

    £87.79 £73.16
  5. Sample Set-Wissmach Master
    Sample Set-Wissmach Master

    Product Code: SS93

    £172.80 £144.00
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