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  1. Kokomo-Clear 3mm
    Kokomo-Clear 3mm

    Product Code: KO33

    £10.16 £8.47
  2. Kokomo-Very Pale Blue 3mm
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    Kokomo-Very Pale Blue 3mm

    Product Code: KO629

    Regular Price £10.14 £7.61 £6.34
  3. Kokomo-Light Green 3mm
    Kokomo-Light Green 3mm

    Product Code: KO669

    £10.36 £8.63
  4. Kokomo-Medium Green 3mm
    Kokomo-Medium Green 3mm

    Product Code: KO690

    £10.14 £8.45
  5. Kokomo-Pale Green 3mm
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    25% OFF
    Kokomo-Pale Green 3mm

    Product Code: KO667

    Regular Price £10.14 £7.61 £6.34
  6. Kokomo-Medium Amber 3mm
    Kokomo-Medium Amber 3mm

    Product Code: KO182

    £11.30 £9.42
  7. Kokomo-Light Purple 3mm
    Kokomo-Light Purple 3mm

    Product Code: KO811

    £10.14 £8.45
  8. Kokomo-Pale Pink 3mm
    Kokomo-Pale Pink 3mm

    Product Code: KO880

    £10.14 £8.45
  9. Kokomo-Blue/Green/Clear Streaky 3mm
    Kokomo-Blue/Green/Clear Streaky 3mm

    Product Code: KO142LL

    £15.04 £12.53
  10. Kokomo-Red/Orange Streaky 3mm
    Kokomo-Red/Orange Streaky 3mm

    Product Code: KO41SPL

    £23.57 £19.64
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