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Tools and Equipment

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  1. Tracing Sable No.0
    Tracing Sable No.0

    Product Code: TS-0

    £4.93 £4.11
  2. Tracing Sable No.1
    Tracing Sable No.1

    Product Code: TS-1

    £6.34 £5.28
  3. Tracing Sable No.2
    Tracing Sable No.2

    Product Code: TS-2

    £7.44 £6.20
  4. Tracing Sable No.3
    Tracing Sable No.3

    Product Code: TS-3

    £9.72 £8.10
  5. Tracing Sable No.6
    Tracing Sable No.6

    Product Code: TS-6

    £24.73 £20.61
  6. Tracing Ox Hair No.1
    Tracing Ox Hair No.1

    Product Code: TO-1

    £3.60 £3.00
  7. Tracing Ox Hair No.3
    Tracing Ox Hair No.3

    Product Code: TO-3

    £4.68 £3.90
  8. Tracing Ox Hair No.6
    Tracing Ox Hair No.6

    Product Code: TO-6

    £6.72 £5.60
  9. Fitches Hog Hair No.2
    Fitches Hog Hair No.2

    Product Code: FH-2

    £2.40 £2.00
  10. Fitches Hog Hair No.6
    Fitches Hog Hair No.6

    Product Code: FH-6

    £3.36 £2.80
  11. Fitches Hog Hair No.8
    Fitches Hog Hair No.8

    Product Code: FH-8

    £4.32 £3.60
  12. Fitches Hog Hair No.10
    Fitches Hog Hair No.10

    Product Code: FH-10

    £4.92 £4.10
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