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Jansen & Buscher Lead

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  1. Lead Came 6X5mm (1/4) Flat
    Lead Came 6X5mm (1/4) Flat

    Product Code: JB6X5F

    £2.64 £2.20
  2. Lead Came 8X5mm (5/16) Flat
    Lead Came 8X5mm (5/16) Flat

    Product Code: JB8X5F

    £3.66 £3.05
  3. Lead Came 10X5mm (3/8) Flat
    Lead Came 10X5mm (3/8) Flat

    Product Code: JB10X5F

    £4.08 £3.40
  4. Lead Came 12X5mm (1/2) Flat
    Lead Came 12X5mm (1/2) Flat

    Product Code: JB12X5F

    £4.91 £4.09
  5. Lead Came 5x5mm(3/16)Round
    Lead Came 5x5mm(3/16)Round

    Product Code: JB5X5R

    £3.13 £2.61
  6. Lead Came 6x5mm(1/4)Round
    Lead Came 6x5mm(1/4)Round

    Product Code: JB6X5R

    £2.88 £2.40
  7. Lead Came 8x5mm(5/16)Round
    Lead Came 8x5mm(5/16)Round

    Product Code: JB8X5R

    £3.79 £3.16
  8. Lead Came 10x5mm(3/8)Round
    Lead Came 10x5mm(3/8)Round

    Product Code: JB10X5R

    £5.15 £4.29
  9. Lead Came 12x5mm(1/2)Round
    Lead Came 12x5mm(1/2)Round

    Product Code: JB12X5R

    £156.00 £130.00
  10. Lead Came Y Section
    Lead Came Y Section

    Product Code: JB10X5Y

    £156.00 £130.00
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NOTE: Individual cames may be split or coiled for carriage.