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Kilncare Electric Kiln

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  1. Hobby Fuser Kiln
    Hobby Fuser Kiln

    Product Code: HOBBYFUSE

    £1,981.57 £1,651.31
  2. Cub Fuser
    Cub Fuser

    Product Code: CUBFUSE

    £3,072.23 £2,560.19
  3. Pro Fuser Kiln
    Pro Fuser Kiln

    Product Code: PROFUSE

    £3,941.52 £3,284.60
  4. Pro Fuser D Kiln
    Pro Fuser D Kiln

    Product Code: PROFUSED

    £4,252.31 £3,543.59
  5. Elite Fuser Kiln
    Elite Fuser Kiln

    Product Code: ELITEFUSE

    £7,129.92 £5,941.60
  6. Grand-Fuser Kiln
    Grand-Fuser Kiln

    Product Code: GRANDFUSE

    £345.31 £287.76
  7. KCR32 Controller
    KCR32 Controller

    Product Code: KCR32

    £484.80 £404.00
  8. Hobby Fuser Shelf
    Hobby Fuser Shelf

    Product Code: HOBBYFUSESHELF

    £63.65 £53.04
  9. Pro Fuser  Shelf
    Pro Fuser Shelf

    Product Code: PROSHELF

    £197.14 £164.28
  10. Elite Fuser  Shelf Kit
    Elite Fuser Shelf Kit

    Product Code: ELITESHELF

    £305.99 £254.99
  11. Pro Fuser  D Shelf
    Pro Fuser D Shelf

    Product Code: PROFUSEDSHELF

    £197.14 £164.28
  12. Hobby Fuser  Legs
    Hobby Fuser Legs

    Product Code: HOBBYFUSESTAND

    £260.63 £217.19
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Kilncare also offer a range of larger kilns, prices can be sent on request. If this is something you're interested in, please contact a member of our sales team on 0151 207 1474 (option 3).