Great news! From Monday 12th April, we're excited to be reopening the doors to our Stained Glass shop! We will be open 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-3pm Friday.


Pearsons Glass are able to offer sandblasting on glass or mirror. This technique is used to obscure the view through glass but still allows light to pass through.

Patterns and designs can be created using a sandblast resist mask which repels the abrasive force of the grit from the sandblast. The mask can be either hand or computer cut depending on the design. We can offer panels that are entirely sandblasted or featuring your most intricate designs.

We can also sandblast mirror using the same process. Masking off the rear of the mirror, we remove the mask on the sections we wish to sandblast. The abrasive grit will then remove the paint and silvering, leaving a sandblasted area which can be illuminated when back - lit. This process is frequently used by our shopfitting customers in many high street stores.

For more information regarding our Sandblasting abilities, please call 0151 207 1474 (option 2), and a member of our sales team will be happy to help. Alternatively, please email any enquires you may have to