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Triple A Lifts

Triple A Lift Refurbishments

Pearsons Glass were kindly offered this message from one of our longest-standing customers, Triple A Lift Refurbishments:

"Triple A have been trading since November 1980, almost 36 years this year and we have been trading with Pearsons since the mid 80’s – approximately 30 years, and the reason our relationship has been so strong and has endured is because of our work ethic, understanding, customer focus and friendship.

Pearsons are much more than a supply company, to us they are there when needed, understand deadlines, understand customer requirements, their attention to detail and quality is second to none when it comes to glass and the friendliness from the beginning of our dealings with them in the mid 80’s from Peter and the Vellins Family over the years, Angela, Carol and the rest of Pearsons staff but mainly the glue that sticks the whole thing together Ray Mawson (Managing Director).

Ray is real world, listens, understands and has always been a pleasure to work with even when under enormous pressure, as we all are in our business at times, but that never shows in the way you are dealt with or when it comes to deliveries.

Because we have been in business for 36 years we’ve had many companies come in to try to sell us glass at cheaper prices promising better deliveries etc. but because of our history with Pearsons, and mainly Ray, we have and will not have any reason to look around and change to another supplier.  Our companies share the same values and we both have customer facing attitudes towards quality and deliveries so our loyalties remain with Pearsons. 

Good luck for the future to Pearsons as we all continue to grow and prosper in what is an ever changing world/industry, especially now Brexit has maybe changed things yet again.

Regards and best wishes to all staff, past and present, and thanks to all for the excellent service you have always supplied to Triple ‘A’"

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